History on Rubath Nizam Hyderabad


The Rulers of Hyderabad State had purchased late in 12th Century Hijri in their names and in the name of their family member dear and near , some immovable properties in Makkah al Mukarrama for the benefit and convenience of the pilgrims coming to the Holy Place from Hyderabad for Haj, Umrah and Ziarath.

As Known from the date of purchase, these properties were being used for the accommodation of pilgrims coming from Hyderabad .These properties were never used for personal purposes of the founders.

Since more than 100 years these properties were being utilized for the same purpose.

These properties were first purchased during the regime of the Ruler of Hyderabad The Nizam V , Nawab Afzaluddaoula Bahadur.

 As per the declaration   made by H.E.H. Nawab Mir Barkath Ali Khan Mukarram Jah Bahadur it was  confirmed that these are waqfs   and   solely dedicated to provide accommodations to pilgrims coming from Hyderabad

On 24th  Safar 1400 A.H.(Corresponding to 13JAN1980 A.D.) Mr Mohammed Mudar Hussain Al Shareef also known as Shareef Mohammed Advocate; a Saudi National ,Shareef e Makkah and Legal Advisor to Petroleum Minister in Riyadh was appointed as "Nazer of the Waqf "  .He served the Rubath for a period of 30 yrs out of which 16 Yrs he served as official Nazer until his Demise on 26th Dul Haj 1416 A.H. (Corresponding to 13MAY1996 A.D.) 

On 29th  Moharram 1417A.H. (Corresponding to 16JUN1996 A.D.) , Mr. Hussain Mohammed Mudar Hussain Al Shareef  A Top Executive in Saudi Airlines Catering at Jeddah King Abdulaziz Internation Airport  and also son of Late Shareef Mohammed Advocate was appointed as Nazer by the Royal Court of Makkah Al Mukarrama with a support from Co-Nazer ,Sheikh Yousef Awad Al Ahmadi and both have been serving the Rubath ever since providing Accomodation for  Haj , Umra and Ziarath for pilgrims coming from Hyderabad and staying comfortably in these Rubaths free of any charges. During Hajj 1436(h) / 2015(g) apart from free accommodation - Free Food was also provided to 600 Pilgrims.

                                                                                                                                                         "As my father always said - Providing Comfort to the Guest of Allah is an account for Aakherath..." Nazer/ Hussain Mohammed Al Shareef son of Shareef Mohammed Advocate.


Eligibility – Who can apply?   

Any one from the NIZAM STATE i.e from the below listed place of birth and residence.

  1. Hyderabad - Telangana

  2. Mahbubnagar - Telangana

  3. Medak - Telangana

  4. Nalgonda - Telangana

  5. Nizamabad - Telangana

  6. Adilabad - Telangana

  7. Karimnagar - Telangana

  8. Warangal - Telangana

  9. Ranga Reddy - Telangan. a

    10. Khammam   -  Telangana

    Kindly Note for administrative reason the above 10 Nizam State Regions from Telangana has been officially expanded to 31 Districts as below by the Government of Telangana.
1 Adilabad - Telangana
2 Mancherial - Telangana
3 Nirmal - Telangana
4 Komaran bheem Asifabad - Telangana
5 Karimnagar - Telangana
6 Jagtial - Telangana
7 Peddapalli - Telangana
8 Rajanna Sircilla - Telangana
9 Nizamabad - Telangana
10 Kamareddy - Telangana
11 Warangal Urban - Telangana
12 Warangal Rural - Telangana
13 (Jayashankar) Bhupalpally - Telangana
14 Jangaon - Telangana
15 Mahabubabad - Telangana
16 Khammam - Telangana
17 Bhadradri Kothagudem - Telangana
18 Medak - Telangana
19 Sangareddy - Telangana
20 Siddipet - Telangana
21 Mahabubnagar - Telangana
22 Wanaparthy - Telangana
23 Nagarkurnool - Telangana
24 Jogulamba Gajwel - Telangana
25 Nalgonda - Telangana
26 Suryapet - Telangana
27 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri - Telangana
28 Vikarabad - Telangana
29 Medchal - Telangana
30 Rangareddy - Telangana
31 Hyderabad - Telangana


  1. Bidar   - Karnataka

  2. Gulbarga  - Karnataka

  3. Raichur  - Karnataka

  4. Yadgir - Karnataka



  1. Osmanabad - Maharashtra

  2. Aurangabad - Maharashtra

  3. Beed - Maharashtra

  4. Nanded  - Maharashtra

  5. Parbhani - Maharashtra

  6. Latur/Udgir - Maharashtra

  7. Hinjoli - Maharashtra

  8. Jalna - Maharashtra

Nizam StatesNizam States - 1909


   Standard Basic Facilities & Services Available



·         Hyderabadi Atmosphere

·         24 Hrs Reception Desk for Assistance

·         Telephone Incoming at the Reception

·         Lift

·         Fully Air conditioned

·         Comfortable Bed with clean Bed Sheet and Pillow.

·         Bathroom fitted with Water Heaters

·         24Hrs Housekeeping (Rooms,Corridors,Kitchen,Thrash Bins & Bathroom)

·         Soap Dispensers

·         Drinking Water Coolers at each Floor

·         Refrigerator at each Floor for Medicines.

·         Qibla Indicators on each Floor

·         Haram Azaan Time Clock on each floor

·         Wheel Chairs

·         First Aid Kits on each Floor

·         Clothes Washing Machines.

·         Iron and Iron Board Central.

·         Weighting Scale for Luggage.