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 History on Rubath Nizam Hyderabad


The Rulers of Hyderabad State had purchased late in 12th Century Hijri in their names and in the name of their family member dear and near , some immovable properties in Makkah al Mukarrama for the benefit and convenience of the pilgrims coming to the Holy Place from Hyderabad for Haj, Umrah and Ziarath.

As Known from the date of purchase, these properties were being used for the accommodation of pilgrims coming from Hyderabad .These properties were never used for personal purposes of the founders.

Since more than 100 years these properties were being utilized for the same purpose.

These properties were first purchased during the regime of the Ruler of Hyderabad The Nizam V , Nawab Afzaluddaoula Bahadur.

 As per the declaration   made by H.E.H. Nawab Mir Barkath Ali Khan Mukarram Jah Bahadur it was  confirmed that these are  waqfs   and   solely dedicated to provide accommodations to pilgrims coming from Hyderabad

On 24th  Safar 1400 A.H.(Corresponding to 13JAN1980 A.D.) Mr Mohammed Mudar Hussain Al Shareef also known as Shareef Mohammed Advocate; a Saudi National ,Shareef e Makkah and Legal Advisor to Petroleum Minister in Riyadh was appointed as "Nazer of the Waqf "  .He served the Rubath for a period of 30 yrs out of which 16 Yrs he served as official Nazer until his Demise on 26th Dul Haj 1416 A.H. (Corresponding to 13MAY1996 A.D.) 

On 29th  Moharram 1417A.H. (Corresponding to 16JUN1996 A.D.) , Mr. Hussain Mohammed Mudar Hussain Al Shareef  A Top Executive in Saudi Airlines Catering at Jeddah King Abdulaziz Internation Airport  and also son of Late Shareef Mohammed Advocate was appointed as Nazer by the Royal Court of Makkah Al Mukarrama with a support from Co-Nazer ,Sheikh Yousef Awad Al Ahmadi and both have been serving the Rubath ever since providing Accomodation for  Haj , Umra and Ziarath for pilgrims coming from Hyderabad and staying comfortably in these Rubaths free of any charges

                                                                                                                                                        Late Shareef Mohammed Advocate

 Nazer Janab Hussain Al Shareef"As my father always said - Providing Comfort to the Guest of Allah is an account for Aakherath..." Nazer/ Hussain Mohammed Al Shareef son of Shareef Mohammed Advocate.



Free Facilities & Services Available

Rubath Nizam Hyderabad Deccan – Makkah Al Mukarrama


An Organization Committed to Serve the Guest of Allah


ØClose Distance to Haram Shareef

ØHyderabadi Atmosphere

Ø24 Hrs Reception Desk for Assistance

ØTelephone Incoming and Local outgoing at the Reception


ØFully Air-conditioned

ØCeiling Fans

ØComfortable Bed with clean Bed Sheet, Blanket and Pillow

ØBathroom fitted with Water Heaters

Ø24Hrs Housekeeping (Rooms, Corridors, Kitchen, Thrash Bins & Bathroom)

ØSoap Dispensers fitted next to each Wash Sink

ØDrinking Water Coolers at each Floor

ØRefrigerator on each Floor for Medicines.

ØKitchen Equipped with Stove and Gas for every 4 Rooms.

ØQibla indicators in each room

ØHaram Azaan Time Clock on each floor

ØWheel Chairs

ØClothes Washing Machines (Common Facility)

ØIron and Iron Board (Common Facility )

ØWeighting Scale for Luggage

ØZam Zam Gallon Wrapper

ØFilling of immigration Card (at the reception)

ØFirst Aid Boxes

ØJed Airport Drop (Booking at Rubath is required 48 Hrs in Prior) *

ØOnce a Week Ziarath (Booking at Rubath is required 48 Hrs Prior) *

ØEvery Hour Drop and Pick to and from Rubath#2 and Harm shareef.*

* Currently not available - will be started soon